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The Americans



The Americans are like teenagers; noisy, curious, unable to keep a secret, not given to subtlety, and prone to misbehave in public. Once one accepts the Americans’ basically adolescent nature, the rest of their culture falls into place and what at first seemed thoughtless and silly appears charming and energetic.




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Did you know that...?

There are over 2 million saunas in Finland. This means that at any given moment all the population could be sitting in a sauna.Xenophobe's® Guide to the Finns 
For many English people pet-owning is the closest they ever get to an emotional relationship with another being. Xenophobe's® Guide to the English
In Denmark in order to change an electric bulb, you must be a fully trained electric light socket changer. Xenophobe's® Guide to the Danes
Germans like things that work. This is fundamental. A car or a washing machine which breaks down six months after purchase is not a nuisance, it's a breach of the social contract. Xenophobe's® Guide to the Germans
The French insist that everything is done comme il faut (properly), an expression that applies to addressing an envelope or addressing a teacher, filling in a form or stuffing a duck. Xenophobe's® Guide to the French
The Swiss are the only nation to make the Germans appear inefficient, the French undiplomatic and the Texans poor. Xenophobe's® Guide to the Swiss
The Aussies do not wave like any other nationality. The movement they call their 'salute' is a constant hand wave in front of the face. Quite by chance this keeps the flies off their faces. Xenophobe's® Guide to the Aussies