About the team

The Xenophobe’s team celebrate 3 million copies sold, and counting, at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2013.
Anne Tauté, Director and Series Editor
Born in Cape Town. Has lived and worked in Edinburgh, New York and London. Created the Xenophobe’s® Guide series in 1993 as a humorous take on the UK being an island nation and its prevailing attitude being ‘us’ (the British) and ‘foreigners’ (everyone else).
Sally Horton, Rights Director
Born in Devon. Has lived and worked in Sri Lanka, South Africa, Bermuda, Italy and London. Has licensed the Xenophobe’s® Guides in 24 languages including Russian, Japanese, Czech, Greek, Polish, Chinese, Hungarian, Estonian, Dutch, Bulgarian, German, Spanish, Romanian and Esperanto. Handles current licensees, and also special projects.
Catriona Tulloch Scott, Text Editor
Born in Edinburgh. Has lived and worked in London, the Scottish Highlands, the Borders, the Inner Hebrides, France and Glasgow. Now lives and works in Edinburgh. Maintains the meticulous standard of grammar, syntax and construction for which the Xenophobe’s® Guides’ texts are justly admired.
Vicki Towers, Graphic designer
Born in Yorkshire. Has lived and worked in India, Egypt, Sweden and Malta. Trained at Brighton College of Art and lives and works in London. Designs all Xenophobe’s® Guides’ material and manages the displays of the guides in London stores.
Tobias Steed, Publishing consultant
Born in the mid-Atlantic. Has lived and worked in Baltimore, San Francisco, Hong Kong, New York, Abuja (Nigeria) and now London. Advises on Intellectual Property concerns, and negotiates special deals for Xenophobe’s® Guides.
Editorial assistants: Elizabeth le Chasseur and Mark Elliot

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