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Current edition: January 2008

the Germans

 The Germans take their humour very seriously. It is not a joking matter. 
'This book is extremely funny. It is written by Germans who are just as able to laugh at themselves as we Britons like to think we are. The only thing I didn't like about this book was it is too short. I had to keep on reading even though I had other things to do. I live with a German and my daughter is German so I can say it is not a stab at Germans, it is a respectful appreciation of a genuinely funny book. Buy it and see. It is more funny the more you know about Germans.'Reviewer from North Wales
As a German who has lived in London for 2 years, I think I am well qualified to congratulate the authors on their well balanced analysis of the German mind and culture. This is book is absolutely hilarious! The combination of British humour and German reality is absolutely perfect – it made a German laugh!Reviewer from Germany
'Most AUSGEZEICHNET!! Oh my... I'm a Brazilian who just moved to London from Germany where I lived for 15 months and, after 13, I had a bad week and some friends introduced me to this wonderful masterpiece, which became our bible! We used to get together in my front yard with beer, snacks and the bible every time we had problems and used to laugh realizing how true the book is! Really, if you wanna understand the Ordnung, read the book!'Review from a Brazilian in the UK
'I am an American who has lived 22 years in Germany and can testify: this book may be funny, but it is TRUTH! An excellent cross-cultural guide. Enjoy a chuckle as you focus on the endearing foibles and frustrating traits of one of the most interesting peoples in the world.'Reviewer from Frankfurt, Germany
'Funny, but accurate, account of German Kultur and Volk. I lived in Germany for over 3 years and was a tour guide part-time, explaining aspects of German society to Americans. I saw first-hand a lot of the material in this book. While one may think the book generalizes too much, I can say my experience of the passion for Ordnung, Bildung, and Kultur are exactly as this book describes, and there is really is no concept of 'small-talk' in German. Excellent for anyone who lives there or plans to visit.' Reviewer from Las Vegas
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