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Current edition: June 2008

the Kiwis

 Taking too much care of oneself goes against the pioneering spirit. 
'Brilliant work which shows great insight into the beliefs and fables of New Zealanders in both a contemporary and historical context, in a humorous way which reflects the Kiwi ability to laugh at themselves I am sure there isn't a New Zealander around who couldn’t recognize the traits portrayed in either themselves or people they know. I also have no doubt that in time the guide will be seen as an important historical resource – where else can you find accurate and pertinent data spanning generations of New Zealanders in just 63 pages! The authors are to be congratulated for truly encapsulating the Kiwi trait of being able to laugh at themselves. The most hilarious book I have read in ages.'Reviewer from New Zealand
'Nostalgia and Laughs! As a critical Kiwi I thought this was a fantastic book, a real treasure. I had no idea there was so many mannerisms and thoughts I have that are so particular to the Kiwi way of life. Felt very nostalgic at times and felt homesick, but laughed just as much. Could not put it down, will make sure my English friends and family read it so they understand me better!'Review from 'a London Kiwi'
'I bought this as a humorous overview for my American girlfriend to read to perhaps explain some of my passions and idiosyncrasies as well as prepare her for a visit to NZ. I'm not disappointed by anything written in the book and hardly find anything in it terribly critical – if anything it underplays our OCD with beating Australia in Rugby & Cricket, and the national distaste for politicians, try-hards and wannabes. Buy this confident that it will raise some smiles and deliver some real, informal insight into our national psyche.'Review from 'a San Francisco Kiwi'
'As a Kiwi I found this look on the Kiwi culture brilliant. It's been a while since I lived there and I think it captured the Kiwi pioneering spirit superbly. A good read for Kiwis and for those wanting to understand the Kiwi culture.'Review from 'debsm'
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