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Paperback, 96 pages
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Current edition: September 2009

the Spanish

 If the Spanish show off at all it is through noise, preferably at night to make sure that everyone is aware that they are still around. 
'Humorous explanations for the Spanish way of life. I have read many of the 'Xenophobe's guides' and this one, once again hits the mark, spot on! I have several Spanish friends and have lived in Spain for several months and this book reminded me of many of the funny incidents I've had with the Spanish. Without going into excessive detail and in a very affectionate way, the book gives you so much information about the real nature of the people and the country. I couldn't put the little book down and I find myself dipping into it now and again just to remind me of the Spanish way.'Reviewer from Denmark
'A guide to understanding the Spanish that views them with the same light-hearted attitude that they themselves display in life. Highly informative and amusing.'Review from The Entertainer (Spain)
'So "on-target" I laughed in fond rememberance! This book is a witty and very clever look at Spanish society. I found most of what I read to be so incredibly true that I was laughing out loud. There are some parts which I found to be less than accurate, in my experience at least, and for that I give it four stars instead of five. Other than that, I highly recommend it. Do take it with a grain of sand however.'Review from Grand Rapids, MI, USA
'This book is just fantastic and everything it says is true. I’m Spanish and I enjoyed this book very much. All the topics are treated with lots of humour and that makes the book really enjoyable. Furthermore, while you are having fun reading the book you can learn the Spanish way of life.'Reviewer from Spain
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