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Paperback, 86 pages
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Current edition: August 2008

the Swiss

 The Swiss are the only nation to make the Germans look inefficient. 
'This witty book cuts to the chase and is at times quite irreverant, for instance: "It’s one thing to eat rösti. It’s another to understand the röstigraben." This book explains both. Like the author, I too am married to a Swiss woman and read this book prior to a two month trip to Zurich to study German and learn more about my wife’s parent culture. I found it a surprising and entertaining resource. Time and again I found my experiences meeting and getting to know the Swiss strangely reminiscent of the pages of this book. I even loaned it to Swiss friends who concurred that its observations was right on the money. So I read the book again at the conclusion of the trip – and laughed aloud even more the second time.'Review from Coral Gables, FL, USA
'Funny and very insightful guide to the Swiss. I work in the US for the Swiss. This little book (you can read it in an hour or two) is very funny and fun to read. At the same time it is amazingly insightful with regards to Swiss culture, customs and people. I sometimes give it to others doing business with the Swiss. On the whole it paints the Swiss in a positive light, but also offers up good fodder for ribbing my Swiss colleagues.'Reviewer from Rome, Georgia, USA
'This book is Great! It kept me laughing but well informed all the way through. I found it to be a very thorough reference to the Swiss. Without being too long and drawn out. I particularly liked the sections on "The Bells" and "Dental Holidays". I liked this book so much I want to send a copy to my whole family.'Reviewer from Kloten, Switzerland
'The Swiss in a nutshell – Sehr lustig!!! The author manages to sum up every aspect of the Swiss with a typical British sense of humour! Having lived in Switzerland for some time now, this book was still able to teach me some idiosyncrasies of the Swiss I didn’t know. If you want to find out who what where why and how the Swiss do things – read this book.'Review from 'N. Cload', London
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