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Paperback, 96 pages 178 x 110mm, £6.99
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The Albanians

By Alan Andoni

What makes the Albanians ALBANIAN: A witty guide to the airs and affectations that affirm the Albanian attitude.

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  A 'no' in many countries is the end of a discussion. In Albania it can herald the start of a negotiation.  


  • ‘The tongue in cheek titled Xenophobe’s Guide to the Albanians is an amusing, fond look at the particular idiosyncrasies of Albanian cultural life. It’s an often ironic and humorous take on such serious matters as nationalism, identity and law and order. This intelligent and comprehensive book is well worth a read.’
    Review by Mark S

  • ‘Despite the misleading title, this is a uniquely balanced and incisive view of the Albanian mentality which anybody even remotely interested in Albania would do well to consult. It is eminently readable with its understated but sometimes bitingly ironic style, packing a lot of information in a small space. It is a lovely book.’                           Review by M Cholij

  • ‘A series designed to tell the truths about other nations using sweeping generalizations and observations as a base. The guides try to allay the feeling of trepidation with which the xenophobe approaches new territory.’             Review by politicos.co.uk

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Links to make you laugh

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Rita Ora keen to stage X Factor in Albanian mansion    Click here to read more.Rita Ora moved to England in 1991, when she was a year old and her parents wanted a better life for the family. She was born in Kosovo to Albanian parents. Her mother, is a psychiatrist, Vera Sahatçiu (née Bajraktari), and her father is an economist and pub owner, Besnik Sahatçiu.  She was named after the favourite film star of her film director grandfather Besim Sahatçiu, Rita Hayworth.


A few things I found really funny while travelling to Tirana, Albania by Kimmo.

Albania was actually one of the few countries I couldn’t get a grip of at all. People were really friendly and the food was absolutely outstanding. I can’t really put a finger on it at all but I guess it just means I’ll need to spend another few weeks there again sometime. Here’s a few things I found funny while travelling to Albania.

About the author

Alan Andoni spent his formative years in England, Northern Ireland and Scotland. His interest in all things Albanian began in the 1970s as a dedicated listener of foreign radio broadcasts. Radio Tirana was a particular favourite for its surreal, but stirring narrative.

Visits to Albania over the years have convinced him that there is an allure which is both positive and infectious to anybody who spends any significant time there. He finds he has developed an aversion to micro-planning, a yearning for spontaneity and a tendency to commit random acts of kindness. He also tries to multi-task, but as a Northern European male, he still can’t quite manage it.