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The Frisians

By Eric Hoekstra

What makes the Frisians FRISIAN: A guide to understanding the Frisians with illuminating insights into their character and quirks with humour and style.

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  The Frisians believe they could make their superiority obvious if only they had a mind to. But they haven't.  


  • ‘Fantastic series. Read them, love them, finish reading them. Then read the rest.’           Reviewed by Tim

  • ‘A series designed to tell the truths about other nations using sweeping generalizations and observations as a base. The guides try to allay the feeling of trepidation with which the xenophobe approaches new territory.’             Review by politicos.co.uk



Links to make you laugh

Singing road strikes wrong chord with Dutch villagers

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) – Take the highway past the Dutch village of Jelsum and the road will play you a tune. Click here to play.


About the author

Eric Hoekstra was born in 1960 in that special part of The Netherlands called Frisia. As a pure Dutchman, he worked in Amsterdam, before, as a pure Frisian, he moved to Leeuwarden to work for the Frisian Academy, a research institute that studies the Frisian language, culture and history. It also promotes interest in other minority cultures like the Welsh, the Scots and the Catalans. The most popular are probably the Scots, if only because they produce outstanding pop groups and have an accent that is pleasant to Frisian ears. And they are almost independent.

What with the upsurge of nationalism everywhere in Europe, he is all in favour of the rest of The Netherlands finally becoming independent of Frisia. Provided there are no costs involved. For Frisia.