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The Israelis

By Aviv Ben Zeev

What makes the Israelis ISRAELI: A guide to understanding the Israelis that unravels their idiosyncracies and national characteristics.

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  A true Israeli speaks with the

self-assurance and vehemence of a prophet.  


  • ‘This series of books is just brilliant. Fun, witty and incisive. A good way to get to know other cultures in a light-hearted way. Learnt quite a lot about Israeli culture from this particular one.’
    Reviewed by Tim

  • ‘Scarily accurate. Anyone who has ever attempted an Israeli queue will attest to the accuracy of this book. Without being particularly insulting, this book prepares you for the somewhat unexpected Israeli people. Anyone going to Israel, especially for a longer stay, should look into this book.’              Review from ‘A customer

  • ‘I would strongly recommend reading this book before visiting or coming to live in Israel, to unveil or at least learn some of the characteristics of this unique community. Although, I must say most of the people you will meet only play some of those roles described in the book, so don’t worry – you’re not jumping head-first into a zoo. It’s quite a western country, overall.’      Reviewer from Tel Aviv, Israel

  • ‘Right on and witty! Knowing Israelis for many years through business and travel, I can only say this book is accurate in its witty depiction of Israeli culture. Highly recommended not just for those interacting with Israelis, but for those who are interested in what makes Israelis tick. More than that – it’s just fun to read!’          Reviewer from Italy

  • ‘Witty, Smart, Funny, Accurate description of Israelis. If you find yourself in Israel or working with Israelis you should read this book. I found myself laughing out loud while reading it, and when I showed it to my Israeli colleagues they agreed with me: all their secrets are at last revealed!’          Reviewer from Sweden

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About the author

Born in Israel, Aviv Ben Zeev attributes his Angst to a father who is of German descent and his temper to a mother who came from Argentina, a combination that made him a bit eccentric. Growing up he learned to take nothing for granted and to try never to be a freier.

After four years in uniform, he waved aside what could have been a brilliant career as a second-rate classical guitarist, and set out on his post-army trip. In the course of this he found himself in a college in New Zealand teaching about Israel, and at the University of the Kingdom of Tonga amusing students with tales from the Holy Land. He also discovered a passion for airports.

Having joined the circle of telecommunications company employees, it is in airports that he may be found most of the time, en route to this or that remote country, a regrettable situation that gives his family unparalleled cause for complaint.

His home, all too infrequently visited, is situated in a Tel Aviv suburban town, where he can sometimes be spotted circling about in his car, searching in vain for a parking space. All in all, trying to keep his place – on the Map.