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Paperback, 96 pages 178 x 110mm, £6.99
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The Brazilians

By Paulo Henrique Barauna Duarte Medeiros

What makes Brazilians BRAZILIAN: A witty guide to the beliefs and behaviour that define the Brazilians.

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  Kissing is the national pastime and the Brazilians’ weapon of choice for liberating their excess warmth.  


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About the author

Paulo Henrique Barauna Duarte Medeiros (long surnames are many traditional affliction bravely born by Brazilians) grew up in Curitíba, in the southern and less tropical part of Brazil. This meant slightly less than the national average of showers were needed per day.

In his fun-loving younger years he did a bit of everything for a living, from dish-washing to translation to teaching languages, film production and working in hotels and pubs.

Ultimately, maturity and monetary need meant serious study – after which she joined the Brazilian Foreign Service. Posted first to Brasília, then Trinidad & Tobago and later London, he has since enjoyed travel for its own sake, knowing that at any time he can return to his homeland and be fêted as a ‘foreigner’.