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Paperback, 96 pages 178 x 110mm, £6.99
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The French

By Nick Yapp and Michel Syrett

What makes the French FRENCH: A guide to understanding the French that explores the raison d’etre behind the Gallic facade with humour and style.

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  The French are fad followers. Not for nothing is passé a French concept.  


  • ‘Many French are very much like those described in this book, but let’s face it, all French aren’t. France is a complex society with a complex history on an amazing piece of soil and with a multi-tribal origins. Told from a British perspective, but still every other page has something that makes you chuckle.’       Reviewer from France

  • ‘Very, very funny. Revealing too! Whether you love or hate them, this book on the French is both funny and really interesting. I’d definitely recommend reading it.’                 Reviewer from the UK

  • ‘This book is lettuce to my snails. Being a frog myself reading this book comforted me in my belief that our arrogance was justified. Joke apart, it is a jolly good read and ever so funny. Everyone should read it.’          Reviewer from Brittany, France

  • ‘Though I do not plan to visit France, I still bought, read, and thoroughly enjoyed this book. It’s always fascinating to learn about the perspective of cultures different from your own. This book is quick, easy, enjoyable.’          Reviewer from Florida, USA

  • ‘Fantastic series. Read them, love them, finish reading them, eat a croissant, visit Paris. Then read the rest.’           Reviewed by Tim


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Links to make you laugh

Americans try to pronounce French


About the author

In fact, there are two authors:

Nick Yapp spent his first night in France in a barn near Calais docks in 1961. Since then he has loved the French for their music, wine, space, and 15 species of onions. When he sits outside a café in a small French town on a sunny day, sipping strong coffee, he feels he has made a success of his life. When he gets the bill and sees what this success has cost him, a little of the euphoria evaporates – but he returns the next day.

He used to be a teacher, but escaped to become a writer and broadcaster. In his dreams he lives in a villa on the cliffs south of Biarritz. In reality, he lives in a flat in south-east London.

Michel Syrett, French on his mother’s side, visits France regularly as a business commentator, lecturer and journalist. His French has benefited from eulogising in business circles about the perfect style with which the Nuits St. George cohabits with the fromage, while making an intellectual evaluation of the foie gras. He finds this a pleasure as, being French in his soul, he values food as a spiritual experience.