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Paperback, 64 pages
178 x 110mm, £3.99
Current edition: July 2003

French for Xenophobes

 French for Xenophobes® – a humorous approach to French that shows you can speak the lingo simply by using plain English. 
'Funny little book that will give you some good laughs! I bought it for my husband's birthday because he will retire soon and we will be spending our retirement in France. Till now he had the excuse that he worked only with English speaking people, so I did all the talking but he really needs and wants to start speaking French. I think that this book is a good starting point!'Reviewer Francisca
“Thanks to this book I even managed to make a Parisian understand me!”S. Cargo
Au secours!
(Oh / sir coor!)
Invaluable phrases will trip off your tongue, gems like: ‘Is that a baguette in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?’, ‘You did not tell me it would be extra’, and ‘Are you sure that all these symptoms are caused by a liver attack?’From French for Xenophobes
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