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Paperback, 96 pages
178 x 110mm, £4.99
Current edition: April 2009

the Icelanders

 Icelanders would almost prefer to live in a cardboard box than do without the latest gadgets. 
'I came across this nifty little book by chance. I've been fascinated by all things Icelandic for a while and this is a fantastic read for anyone who has any interest in the place and people. It would also make an excellent companion to anyone planning travel there too. It's witty, highly informative and fun to read. It provides a useful background to Icelandic life and culture, their national characteristics and customs. You get to learn some really incredible facts as well as their quirky habits. All in all essential reading for anyone planning a trip there or remotely interested in the place.'Reviewer from London
'This little book is hilarious, highly entertaining and filled with wonderful details. Yes, Icelanders are notoriously unpunctual. Yes, they have annoying breaks in movie theatres in the middle of the show. And yes, they don't know moderate drinking – at all. Whilst indulging in xenophobic and superficially-appearing yet "so true" facts about Icelanders, it becomes clear that Icelanders are charming folk, who the author loves just as much as the reader will.'Review from The Reykjavík Grapevine
'Fantastic portrayal of a nation. I’m Icelandic myself and everything this book states is completely correct and a greatly humorous view of the nation.'Reviewer from Reykjavik, Iceland
'Great & Humorous Insight. What a delightful surprise I had in store when I purchased this book for a friend that will be traveling to Iceland for the first time. I couldn't put it down once I opened it. Filled with humor, it is delightful from start to finish. Now I wish I were the one traveling to Iceland!'Reviewer from Maryland, USA
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