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Paperback, 92 pages
173 x 109mm, £4.99
Current edition: December 2008

the Scots

 The Scots like to feel that they are a rather flamboyant and colourful people – tartan inside as well as out. 
'A short but definitive guide to understanding the Scots. If anyone wants to understand who the Scots are, what makes them tick, and what makes them different from the English, this is the book for them. It packs an amazing amount of information into such a short space, and makes it entertaining as well as informative. As a Scot (albeit one exiled across the North Channel) I can say I have never read a more useful guide to my people. If you ever wanted to know what makes them tick north of the border this book does it. And it’s a quick read too. Most enjoyable.'Reviewer from Northern Ireland
'Bullseye! Hits the mark every time. Painfully accurate (and funny) description of us – here's tae us, wha's like us?' Reviewer from UK
'Illuminating, entertaining look at what makes the Scots tick. As a Scot myself I can vouch for the uncanny accuracy of this book. A sympathetic (but not unquestioning), highly entertaining, accurate, and short book which explains what makes the Scots tick and also explains some the qualities that have helped them make a contribution to so many other countries where they have settled.'Review from a Scot
'Aye, no' bad. Very interesting, filled with anecdotes, it’s an entertaining book.'Review from 'A customer'
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