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Current edition: October 2008

the Danes

 Danes co-operate. LEGO derives from the Danish for ‘play well’, and this is just what the Danes are good at. 
'The true nature of the Danes revealed! I admit to being a Dane, and reading this book my reactions alternated between amused pride and sincere embarrassment as I saw one layer after another of our national character accurately dissected – but most of all I laughed! This book has a wonderful energetic sense of irony and humour, combined with a deep insight into the Danish culture and mentality. If you are going to Denmark, if you have travelled or lived there for a while, if you hate us, love us, or feel puzzled about us, or if you are a Dane yourself, you will enjoy this book!'Reviewer from Denmark
'I laughed till I cried. After two years in Denmark this book still manages to provide insights into the Danes. I find myself quoting it when trying to describe Denmark to others, and even to my Danish boyfriend. His constant "you mean other people don’t do that" was only interrupted by his laughter. What is more it has been used as a textbook in a Danish Business School’s cultural understanding classes, and the Danish AIESEC (the world’s largest student organisation) offers this series to all students participating in their international traineeship exchange programme. What more recommendation do you need?'Reviewer from UK
'Amazing book. The three authors are 100% attuned to the Danes. They get the Danish humor right – which is normally a major problem for all non-Danes. The style is humorous in an understated way that makes it an easy and funny read. The book is widely sold in Danish bookshops as an introduction to Denmark and the Danes. We could not have written it better ourselves, really. So, if you are going to Denmark or need an introduction to Danes this is the book to get. PS: I even gave my Swedish mother in law a copy.' Reviewer from Denmark
'Both good fun and true. A real life-saver. I've been living in Denmark for 4 months now and I bought this book just before I left – it has proved invaluable! It covers how the Danes see themselves and their neighbours, social customs, etc., as well as trivia that would take you years to find out otherwise. One of the best things about it is the writing style – it's to-the-point and humourous, making the book an entertaining read. If you really want to understand the Danes then this book will fill you in on all the essential details.'Reviewer living in Aalborg, Denmark
'Quite honestly, having been living in Denmark for near enough a year, I had put this little book to one side, I'd read a few pages and thought "this can't be right, its judgemental and generalistic". I picked it up the other day, read a bit, to pass a minute or two, of course I read the lot. It is worryingly enlightening, with same effect as turning a light on in a room, you get the detail, but must not go and tell the other person in the room that they have spinach on their teeth. (Of course a Dane would never have spinach on their teeth, even car mechanics are spotlessly clean.) A must read.'Reviewer from the UK
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