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Paperback, 96 pages
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Current edition: January 2008

the Czechs

 Czech beer is not just a lubricant.
It’s a source of
national pride. 
'Czech this out if you are headed for Prague. A tongue-in-cheek guide to the bewildering Czechs. As in the rest of the Xenophobe series, the authors provide information and insight into the national character in a humorous manner. This book is enjoyable and informative to read pre- or post- contact with Czechs. A young Czech read it and was mystified. "Everything in the book is normal," he said, "it's the Americans who are strange."Reviewer from Tucson, USA)
'A friend got this book for me to read before coming to the Czech Republic, and I read it on the plane ride here. This review is being written from the Czech Republic, and I have to say that most of the book is quite true – very few things are exaggerated. They really do have weekend cottages, they really do collect their own mushrooms, they seriously love their beer, etc.'Review from 'Pam'
'This was an excellent overview of the Czechs and gave me more insight into my two Czech students better. I began to read it while on a study trip with these two and their classmates from Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Mexico, and Kenya. It is a fun read and I will look up the Xenophobe's Guides to other societies in the future.' Review from 'Rebecca
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