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Current edition: July 2008

the Italians

 Italians know the value of bella figura (cutting a fine figure). 
'On the button! When we moved to Italy someone bought us this book. What a gem! I lent it to my new-found Italian friend who speaks a little English. He made many comments in the margins saying 'This isn't true!' or 'This can't be right!'. We had a hilarious conversation where he admitted that everything was in fact true, or nearly. He just couldn't admit it! Very Italian!'Reviewer from Graham Lane 'owner of La Porta Verde, properties and holidays in Umbria', Italy
'This book points out most of the Italians habits (both the bad and good ones) with respect to family, food, love affairs, etc., giving a good picture of the Italian people in an objective, but funny, way. I am Italian and I must admit that most of the attitudes described in the book are real, even if, sometimes, a bit exaggerated. I suggest this book to the people who already visited Italy and, therefore, they can easily understand what is a caricature and what is real. Finally, the book can be read in just a couple of hours (I read it during a flight from Holland to Italy).'Reviewer from Amsterdam, The Netherlands
'Excellent summary of a crazy nation. Haven't tried any of the other xenophobe’s guides yet, but this one really hits the mark – in a most amusing fashion – in describing the eccentricities of my Italian girlfriend and her family. Allegria, campanilismo, la mamma: it's all here.' Reviewer from London, UK
'A book you just can't refuse. Hilarious insights into the Italian man and the mother behind him.'Reviewer from San Francisco, USA
'An ironic look at a people's characteristics – to be taken with a grain of salt, but otherwise pretty much unmissable! There are many truths here (I should know, I'm Italian :-), some baffling generalisations, but overall the book is informative, fun, full of irony and stylish. I laughed out loud quite often, and I was saddened by some spot-on characterisation of our defects just as many times.' Review from Egelsbach (Hessen), Germany
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