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Paperback, 96 pages
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Current edition: February 2010

the Japanese

 Individuality and selfishness are as welcome as a sumo wrestler barging the line at a buffet. 
'I'm Japanese and I like it. Many things in this little book are frighteningly so true. Entertaining, well observed and fairly evaluated from the Western cultural perspective. It's not really a 'guide book' as such. Instead, it gives you a brilliant cultural comparison, their mentality and the physical environment that affects their world view. If you are going to stay in Japan for more than 1 month and hoping to mingle with local people, this book would give you some subtle but really important insights to the 'why' of their behaviours. Like any other value system, the Japanese culture was like an invisible & odourless gas that I was breathing without knowing it – till I read this book.'Review from a Japanese now in the UK
'This book is simply excellent… In addition to being humorous, it is also accurate, insightful and comprehensive. I have been studying Japan for as long as most, but even so I was able to discover points I had overlooked and explanations that had not occurred to me.'Reviewer from London, UK
'I've been living in Japan for about two years now, and while you can learn more by going through several longer, more extensive books, for a single guide that offers an irreverent explanation of a very difficult country to understand, the Xenophobe's Guide to the Japanese is solid.'Reviewer from a Briton in Japan
'This book talks about the Japanese culture from a variety of perspectives and discusses a wide range of topics, such as education, lack of street names and the language. It gives a comic introduction to the culture and certainly makes the reader intrigued to learn more about them. I am definitely going to get my hands on other books of the series and learn about other countries!'Review from 'Tiija'
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