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Current edition: August 2010

the Russians

 Russians treat the law like a telegraph pole. You cannot jump over it, but you can go round it. 
'Written by a native Russian who has lived in diverse regions of Russia, The Xenophobe's Guide to Russians is a highly entertaining and interesting book, not just for someone traveling to Russia, but for anyone interested in Russians as a people. The author views his countrymen with the unblinkered eyes of an observer who is wise to their ways. The Russians are shown to be shrewd, gregarious, sentimental and profoundly cynical. I enjoyed this book thoroughly.'Review from www.thereadersplace.com
'Lots of good (plus funny) stereotypes described about Russians throughout. Also, some regarding Russian ethnic groups, Russia's regional neighbours, and Russian stereotypes about Westerners. Great read, very funny, yet informative!'Review from www.waytorussia.net/
'I found this slim volume entertaining and useful. It isn't a language book but does explain various concepts e.g. dusha, toska, sudjba, terpenie, blat, khalyava, volya, etc. I don't know if the book is reinforcing old stereotypes, but it feels current, is well set out and is wittily written by a Professor who was born before the war in Leningrad (as was) who now lives in Yarslavl. I recommend it.'Review from 'Dave T'
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