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Current edition: June 2008

the Welsh

 Welsh pride is real pride – the sort that requires no justification or excuse. 
'Essential reading for all partners of the Welsh! Written by an expat Welshman who has lived in England and now returned to the homeland, this little book is wonderful. The observations of the peculiarities and foibles of the Welsh are highly accurate and I could see myself in almost every paragraph, if not myself then certainly a not too distant relative or friend! My wife is English and she feels the accuracy of the book is second to none and would probably never have married me had she read it 20 years ago. I have sent copies to friends all over the world. Enjoy the whole book in an evening then take it down the pub the next night where you can share the humour!'Reviewer from London, England (ex Swansea)
'Surprisingly good, generally accurate, often funny and without much of the bile that often characterises discussions of the Welsh. Having been born and raised in Wales, I think that the author rather underplays the enmity between North and South but he compensates in other areas, including a very good definition of Gwald (usually and inadequately translated as country).'Review from J E Davidson, UK
'Richards has an incisive wit and a dry almost acerbic style that produces a beautifully written, and genuinely funny guide to my own homeland, Wales. Culturally, it is possible when you come from a small nation, to take yourself too seriously. Richards, also a Welshman, avoids this with honest, self-deprecating wit. He does for Wales what Omid Jalili does for Iran and the 'Goodness gracious me' team do for India. A great read or a nice gift for the Welshman (or someone who is not so blessed) in your life.'Review from S Fairney, Hampshire, UK
'A short but very witty and extremely well observed overview of Wales, its people and culture. Working its way through religion, sport, social structure (the Welsh Matriarchy), drinking, rugby, and more drinking, it had me laughing out loud with its insightful observations (although these were not always complimentary, they were all true!).'Reviewer from Ottawa, Canada
'So accurate it's uncanny. An accurate and entertaining (and sympathetic) account of the Welsh, their history and life, and why they are not, definitely not, like their neighbours – the English.'Reviewer from Londonderry, Northern Ireland
'As an Englishman, dismissing the Welsh with jokes about sheep, beer, mining and rugby, comes as second nature. This book achieves the ¬mini-miracle of convincing the reader that, while there may be a fair bit of truth in these prejudices, there is more to it than that, and that the Welsh are different, not just an addition to England. I expected to be at best slightly amused, but came away with fresh knowledge, and (briefly!) sympathetic to the subject matter, which surprised me. The author covers the subject with humour, learning and passion – but then, he is Welsh.' Reviewer from San Juan, Alicante, Spain
'A definitive guide to what makes the Welsh tick. In an informative and entertaining way this book looks at what makes the Welsh different, and what makes them special. As someone with ancestral roots in Wales, family connections, and a fairly frequent visitor I found it well worth reading and very true to life.'Reviewer 'A reader from Ireland'
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