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Paperback, 96 pages
178 x 110mm, £4.99
Current edition: April 2010

the Estonians

 It would be easier to get a computer to cry than to get Estonians to share their innermost feelings. 
'Filled with clever observations and self-ironic descriptions that shed light on the Estonian soul, its uniqueness and its phobias. Here you can find our best kept secrets to piece us together. The authors of this short book describe the Estonian way of life with humor and wit. Where is Estonia? "Find it underneath Finland" would be a quick Estonian orientation. An enjoyable way to learn something new about a piece of the world that too few can locate on the map.'Review in Baltic Review
'Not only irreverently funny, but educational and extremely well written. It's the manual to hand out to anyone who doesn't quite get us. It explains our frosty exteriors, why we split napkins in half, and don't indulge in praise and compliments. We've been outed... and its been done in such a way that we can't get mad for laughing. This is the book that will untangle who we are and why we are the way we are: it will explain much to our children and grandchildren. And did I say it's very funny? One copy is not enough it's as simple as that.'Review from www.eesti.ca
'I'm an Estonian married to Englishman... Both me and my husband found it gives a good humorous overview of Estonians... their culture, thoughts and traditions... I thought it was brilliant read.'Review from 'Kattjaohoo'
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