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Paperback, 96 pages
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Current edition: December 2008

the Aussies

 For Australians, too much sport is never enough. 
'These books are entertaining little reads. This one was fun. It really felt as though an Aussie was writing it, in quite a tongue in cheek style. Seems like their lives are dominated by flies (sounds wonderful!), not putting on airs and graces, and generally being a bit rough and ready. There's a bit about the off licence and Aussie chivalry: "After all, in this age of family sensitivity, no self-respecting Aussie male could pick up thirty dollars worth of booze for himself without a soft drink for the kids and a bar of chocolate for the wife." This book feels like it's being told by this drawled Australian voice, and you can't quite figure out if it’s taking the mick or not.'Review from goodread.com
'Happy little vegemite! One gem of a book. Compulsory reading for anyone interested in visiting Australia or living there. Don't look like a stunned mullet, read the Guide!'Reviewer from Oz
'Great read – better than a travel guide. As an Aussie I can vouch that this book is spot on. It is well written, a humorous but accurate description of Australians. You won't want to put it down. It is so good that it was used as a study text for immigrants learning English in Australia! The only down side is that it isn't longer.' Review from 'A customer'
'Funny and Cool book – it's true and it's not! The book remarks all the odd things about Australians, their goods and bads, the interesting things a 'xenophobe' always knows anyway. Most of it is true – sometimes it's even worse, sometimes it's not really as bad. A really funny book and you always have a laugh reading it.' Review from www.amerika-forum.de
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