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Paperback, 96 pages
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Current edition: June 2008

the Irish

 The colourful phrase just comes to them naturally –
like whiskers on a
'Hilarious insight to the Irish Psyche. Explains our search for 'The Craic' and what it is to be an 'eejit'. Not a travel guide but an examination of our collective mindset. Very well done... And explains a few of the scenes in Father Ted ('Why the Irish can't say Yes' .. followed by the even funnier 'Why the Irish can't say No'.'Reviewer from NY (originally Cork)
'This book is absolutely hilarious! It is without a doubt the best of all in the Xenophobe's Guides series and is extremely well-written.'Reviewer from Northern Ireland
'I bought this at Shannon Airport and read it on my flight home. Laughed out loud through the turbulence. Can highly recommend it to anyone of Irish parentage – there's plenty for you to relate to.'Reviewer from USA
'Perceptive and true but – even better – witty and entertaining too, Frank McNally captures all the contradictions and quirks that make up the Irish character. I loved it.' Reviewer from Cork, Ireland
'I found this book so funny and entertaining. I related to quite a few depictions of Irish life and laughed at others. For a non-Irish person to read this book, it's not all true – a lot of it is exaggerated! Overall, an excellent read especially for Irish who can understand even better where it's coming from.'Reviewer from Sligo, Ireland
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