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Current edition: May 2010

the Chinese

 To be lazy and idle is unacceptable and anti-Confucian. The Chinese must always be seen to be doing something. 
'Hilarious because it's (mostly) accurate! I bought this book while I was living in Hong Kong, and I read it again and again often to and from work while on public transport. I would look around me at the people surrounding me and then chuckle. It just described Chinese society in such a way that you found it hilarious and informative at the same time.'Reviewer from Sydney, Australia
'Spot on. Short, funny, accurate and an insight into the 'essential' character of the target group. Good preparation for anybody thinking of living amongst this remarkable set of people.'Reviewer from Singapore
Excellent and useful. I highly recommend this book for people going to China. It is informative and interesting, and, as well, I am told by my girlfriend who has lived in China for many years, that it fits very well with how the Chinese actually are.Reviewer from Denmark
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