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Paperback, 96 pages
178 x 110mm, £4.99
Current edition: January 2010

the Austrians

 In Austria piety co-exists with wealth in a manner calculated to do minimal injury to the image of either. 
'I lived in Austria last year. A good friend of mine used to make fun of some of the ridiculous things the Austrians do, but this book tells you WHY. Reading the book will forewarn some, but I think it's better to have lived there for a while to understand what it's talking about. Then it'll be an even better laugh.'Reviewer from Edinburgh
'This book is soooo true!! I am an Austrian myself, at the moment living in the United States, and came across this book via my boss, who is an Austria aficionado. I think I rarely ever enjoyed a book that much. To everyone who ever spent some time in my country and got to love its many peculiarities, this will be a great souvenir / gift!!!'Reviewer from Milwaukee, USA
'I am a South African, living in Austria, Having lived here for 4 years, I can relate to the book very well, the author has done a brilliant job of characterising the Austrians and has answered a few questions which have been bothering me.'Reviewer ‘Gasson’
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